What is Zora?

What is Zora?

In June 2023, Zora launched their own Layer 2 network, making it easier than ever for artists to publish and sell their work onchain.

Zora already made it easy for artists of all kinds — filmmakers, podcasters, authors, 3D artists, photographers, musicians — to put their art onchain.

The Zora network makes this process cost effective, as well. You no longer need to spend tens to hundreds of dollars simply to put your work out into the world.

Using Zora, you can publish and mint artwork for pennies, and transactions confirm in seconds.

How does Zora’s network work?

Zora Network is a layer 2 built on top of Ethereum. It was built on the open-source OP Stack, which was released and is maintained by the Optimism Collective. While Zora created the Zora network, they do not operate it.

You can learn about how Optimism works here.

How do I use Rainbow with Zora?


First-class support for Zora is built natively into Rainbow—you don’t need to do anything special to get started, unlike other wallets.

No adding networks, no complicated setup — your NFTs and ETH on Zora will show up in Rainbow right alongside your Mainnet and other Layer 2 assets automatically.

How to use Rainbow to get ETH on Zora

To purchase art on Zora, you'll need Ethereum on the Zora network, which you can get by bridging Ethereum from mainnet.

Use Rainbow to bridge ETH


You can bridge ETH to Zora right in Rainbow by clicking the Swap button on the home scren. You’ll see Zora as an option in the network selection menu, and from there it’s only two taps to bridge your ETH.

You can learn more about how to use Rainbow for bridging and swaps here.

Use Zora to bridge ETH

Zora offers bridges that make bridging Ethereum simple and easy. You find Zora’s bridges on the Zora homepage or on their Bridge Dashboard.

You can connect your Rainbow wallet to whichever Zora bridge you prefer to move your crypto across networks.

Rainbow Zorb Energy


To commemorate the launch of the network, Rainbow and Zora invite you to experience Rainbow Zorb Energy: Indulge in 100% of what you love, faster and more efficiently.

Rainbow Zorb Energy is a new, special edition of the original Rainbow Zorb on Zora, the Rainbow Zorb Energy. free to mint for one week only, and like the original, unlocks an exclusive Rainbow app icon.

The Rainbow Zorb Energy mint ended on July 6, 2023.

Rainbow Zorb Energy can be purchased on secondary marketplaces.