Rainbow Zorbs

Rainbow Zorbs

Zora and Rainbow teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind Rainbow wallet app icon unlocked by a special edition NFT.


Rainbow Zorbs:

The Rainbow Zorb is a special edition Rainbow wallet icon that’s made for magical pondering.

The icon is unlocked by minting the free NFT—one per wallet address for three days only. Don’t miss your chance to mint — 24/7 online or in person at Zoratopia, Dec 3 at Art Basel.

The entire experience is powered by Zora and RainbowKit, and for both artist and art appreciator alike the experience is easy—to set up, to share with friends and fans, to use with an allowlist, and to set royalties exactly how you want them.

How you can use Zora to create your own NFTs:

Zora and Rainbow’s tools are free and open to all creators to use.

You can easily set up your own NFT edition like Rainbow Zorbs, using Zora and RainbowKit for one world-class experience.

Follow the steps below to create your own NFT edition like Rainbow Zorbs.

1. Set up the smart contract and NFT details:

The smart contracts for the Rainbow Zorbs are powered by Zora’s Creator Toolkit, a simple, no-code way to deploy and manage NFT collections.

The Zorbs are an Edition—multiple versions of a single image—but you can use Zora to create Drops—a collection with different images or media for each token, too.

Once you’ve decided whether you want to proceed with an Edition like Rainbow Zorbs or your own Drop, try playing around on the testnet version of Create to perfect your collection and experiment with the tools. Make sure to enable testnets on Rainbow before you try to connect to the service. Don’t forget to note down your testnet contract address—you’ll need that if you want to make a custom mint site.

After you’ve played with the tools and perfected the look and feel of your NFTs, you can move on over to the mainnet Zora Create site to fill out the form and deploy your collection. It really is that easy.

If you’re curious about the smart contract code behind it all, Zora’s docs are a great place to start.

2. Design and deploy the mint site:

Rainbow Zorbs deserved their own custom mint site — and Zora’s toolkit makes it easy to stand that up too, complete with RainbowKit built in from the start.

If you’re React-savvy and want to give your NFTs a completely custom home, you can find the template for the Rainbow Zorbs mint site on Zora’s Github page: mint-page-template. Note the mint site template is made for Editions, not Drops…yet.

You can plug in your testnet contract from your Edition and the mint site template will instantly pull in all the details of your collection.

3. Share your art with the world ♥️

Congratulations—you’re now an NFT artist! Share your work on social, airdrop tokens to your friends, and feel proud of releasing something beautiful and meaningful into the world.

Zora and Rainbow make creating and minting NFTs as easy as it can possibly be. You aren’t limited by complicated code or interfaces.

You can make an NFT for any group, your friends, to celebrate a memory, to reward an action.

We created Rainbow Zorbs as a gift to our communities and to unlock a special edition Rainbow app icon—what will you do with yours?