Rainbow is for Doges

Rainbow is for Doges

Rainbow is for everyone—including doges, too! It’s easy and fun to use Rainbow to be a part of the Own the Doge community.


Learn how you can get started with Rainbow Wallet and use it to navigate the wonderful world of Own The Doge! Don’t have Rainbow? Download it today before you read on.

Getting started with Rainbow

Our guide, Getting Started with Rainbow, will teach you how to set up a Rainbow wallet, fund it, and send assets to a friend. We’ll also advise you on some basic security tips to make it easy to keep yourself and your precious items safe!

What is Own the Doge?

Own the Doge is the official name for the shared ownership of the iconic Doge meme, the internet’s Mona Lisa. The meme was purchased and fractionalized into a governance token, $DOG, by PleasrDAO in September 2021.


The collective value of the doge is split into tokens anyone can buy. Each $DOG token—or piece of the picture!—enables you to do lots of fun things with the doge community!  Simply by owning $DOG, you can join the DAOGE, Own the Doge’s internet social club. The DAOGE’s goal?

The DAOGE aims to ‘Do Only Good Everyday’ by facilitating joyful, delightful experiences and donating a shit ton of money to various charities as a side effect of having fun on the internet.

How to use Rainbow to get $DOG

Once you’re set up with Rainbow, you can swap for $DOG on Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, and Arbitrum networks.

You can click here to access the $DOG token directly, or follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the Swap button from your homescreen.
  2. Click the token you want to swap for $DOG (here, you’ll see I am using Ethereum Mainnet)
  3. Find The Doge NFT token in the token list. You’ll know you have the right one because it’s Verified by Rainbow.
  4. Swap away—just make sure you have enough funds to cover the cost of your swap and gas fees!

Rainbow is one of the best places to get $DOG because Rainbow searches across tons of decentralized exchanges to get you the best price. You don’t have to check around at a bunch of different providers and exchanges when you use Rainbow.

To learn more about how to swap with Rainbow, check out our full tutorial on how to swap on Rainbow.

What is the Pixel Portal?

In addition to being part of the DAOGE, you can also lock up your $DOG tokens and redeem them for Pixels on the Pixel Portal. Pixels are visual representations of each individual pixel in the original meme. Pixels even have their own subcommunities, like Flower DAO.


You’ll be required  to lock up 55,240 $DOG in exchange for an actual pixel of The Doge NFT. Once you have a Pixel, you’re eligible to take advantage of tons of fun perks, like free NFT mints and a doge face filter!

If you decide you’d rather have $DOG one day, you can always trade your Pixel back in via the Pixel Portal to get your tokens back, minus a 1% fee.

How to use Rainbow to connect to the Pixel Portal

To connect to the Pixel Portal to get Pixels and claim perks, all you have to do is connect your wallet using RainbowKit.

  1. Click Connect Wallet
  2. Choose the Rainbow option
  3. Use the QR code scanner in Rainbow to connect your wallet

How to use Rainbow to see your Doge POAPs

As part of the Own the Doge community, you’ll find that you’ll get to claim lots of POAPs for participating in community activities and events.


Your POAPs look great in Rainbow. You can view all of your POAPs right along side your $DOG tokens and the rest of your NFTs.


You even can share the POAPs you’ve earned right from Rainbow. When you create a wallet, it comes with your very own web profile, where you can see and share all of your favorite collectibles. Just go to rainbow.me/0xyourwalletaddress or click the Share button next to any NFT to find it.

Rainbow is for doges 🐶

Rainbow is a tool to help you make new friends. These are just a few of the ways you can use Rainbow to own the meme, own the doge, become a part of the DAOGE community and Do Good Every Day!