Swap with Confidence with Rainbow

Swaps on Rainbow are better than ever. For the first time, Rainbow has gone on-chain to get you the best swap price possible. Rainbow’s new contract RainbowRouter is now available on Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon.

Backed by a growing number of DEXs, if there is liquidity out there for any particular token, you can now leverage it to swap on Rainbow, and we’ll get you the best price — and our fee is lower than the other guys. It’s seriously good.

The Breakdown of Swaps on Rainbow:

Tired of having to search around to find a DEX that can swap your favorite token? It’s no longer a problem with new and improved Swaps on Rainbows. Our Swap experience used to be limited to Uniswap v2 on Mainnet, but now we support Uniswap v3 — plus more DEXs than we can even count. We can now find you a Swap quote for a gagjillian tokens (or something like that 😉). We support a ton of swap pairs, and are adding more tokens and liquidity sources each day. And you are no longer limited to Mainnet!

  • Are you a fan of Uniswap, SushiSwap, or any other particular DEX? Rainbow now aggregates all of these liquidity sources and provides an invisible/seamless experience that gets you the best exchange quote. When completing a transaction, you’ll be able to see where your transactions will be completed, but we take care of all of the heavy lifting to get you the best possible exchange price. We even consider gas fees, and provide the option to leverage Flashbots to protect your transactions and precious gas.
  • Have tokens on L2s? Rainbow now lets you swap them in-network as easy as our Mainnet experience has always been. We believe L2s are ready for prime time, so Rainbow has gone above and beyond our already best-in-class L2 support to provide an even better swap experience. Just choose a token swap pair, and swap — it’s that easy. Optimism. Polygon. Arbitrum. It’s all there.
  • Need a particular output amount? Rainbow has got your back. Enter exactly how much of a token you’d like to receive from your swap, and we’ll price in gas and slippage to get you there. You don’t need to think about congestion, liquidity curves, or DEX fees: swapping is now as intuitive as it should be. It’s what swapping was always meant to be.
  • Need to bridge tokens to a new chain? We’ve got that covered! Rainbow now has enabled cross chain swaps and bridging directly in app.

Check us out on Etherscan:

Spot us on Etherscan and the other blockchain explorers with our 10x0 vanity plates! Our contract address for RainbowRouter is 0x00000000009726632680FB29d3F7A9734E3010E2 and we have verified it on the blockchain explorers for each network.

But you don’t need to think about that on Rainbow; our integration is secure, seamless, and a tad bit magical ✨