Where can I find tax information?

Currently, Rainbow does not provide any information for tax purposes. However, we can definitely help with where you can go to retrieve details needed for taxes or for general reporting details!

Downloading a CSV and using Etherscan:

By using Etherscan, you’re able to take your Rainbow wallet address and check your entire mainnet transactional history. From there, you can then download a CSV file of your wallet details!

You will however want to be aware of the below details to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information:

  1. Make sure you’re searching for the correct wallet. ⚠️ If you accidentally search for an empty wallet, no transactions will be displayed.
  2. Make sure you have the correct dates selected.
  3. Etherscan will only display mainnet transactions. If you're looking for separate chain transactions, you'll need to use their respective equivalents on other chains to view those transactions 👇

Downloading Purchased ETH History:

If you purchased any ETH on Rainbow, you can connect with the respected payment processor for information on those transactions.