What is WalletConnect v2?

It’s finally here, WalletConnect v2 — the biggest update to WalletConnect yet is right around the corner. Here at Rainbow, we are ready for the switch!

Rainbow Wallet and RainbowKit are both fully compatible with WalletConnect v2, and will continue to support WalletConnect v1 as well.

As WalletConnect v1 approaches its sunset, we encourage everyone to be mindful when interacting with dapps. If they haven’t upgraded yet, they will no longer work after June 28th!

Don’t get mad at Rainbow — let your dapps know if you have issues!

If you’re a developer looking for the how to migrate your RainbowKit powered app from v1 to v2, please check out the RainbowKit migration guide.

Top 3 awesome things about WalletConnect v2

Reliability and performance

WalletConnect v2 makes the bridge between wallets and dapps much more reliable, allowing you as the user to get up and transacting onchain quickly with fewer hiccups.

One improvement of v2 requires that wallets acknowledge that they received a transaction and signature request. WalletConnect will rebroadcast the requests if they ever go missing. For you, this means no more missing transactions or signatures—you’ll be able to do things onchain more quickly.

Connect and sign in with one button tap


Before, with WalletConnect v1, if you wanted to authenticate with a dapp using Sign in with Ethereum (SIWE) you’d get bounced to Rainbow multiple times to complete the flow.

First you’d get bounced to Rainbow to connect to the dapp, then bounced back to the dapp… then bounced back to Rainbow to sign a message authenticating you with SIWE. What a UX nightmare! Thankfully, WalletConnect v2 dramatically improves the user experience. Now you can “connect and sign in” as a single combined action with just one button tap! This is safe and secure thanks to WalletConnect Auth. If you want to approve sign additional messages or transactions for a dapp, you will be prompted with additional confirmations.

Connect to all the networks at the same time


In the past, if you were using a dapp that supported multiple chains, you often had to tediously switch between networks.

With WalletConnect v2 when you connect to a dapp, you’ll automatically get connected to all networks supported by the dapp and wallet. No more constant network switching approvals!

Seeing a problem with a dapp? Connect with us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!