What is RainbowKit?

Chances are, if you’ve connected with us on Twitter, you’ve seen some chatter about RainbowKit. In this article, we’ll discuss what RainbowKit is and what you do if you’d like to learn more!

What is RainbowKit?

RainbowKit is the best way to connect a wallet. RainbowKit provides a fast, easy and highly customizable way for developers to add a great wallet experience to their application. We handle the hard stuff so developers and teams can focus on building amazing products and communities for their users.

Where can you find RainbowKit? How can you learn more?

We provide plenty of resources to check out RainbowKit further including our website, Github, and NPM. Along with those below 👇 you can check out our youtube channel which includes how to videos on working with RainbowKit:

Have a question for the developers? Is there a feature you’d like to see? What about a bug you’d like to report?

All excellent questions!