Unsupported Tokens

Rainbow is an Ethereum-based wallet with assets being supported on Ethereum mainnet and the Layer 2 chains. It’s possible to accidentally send unsupported tokens or assets to your Rainbow wallet address.

Here, we’ll discuss some commonly accidental unsupported tokens and how you can go about retrieving those assets from your wallet!


Rainbow currently does not support the Avalanche network, if you found yourself having accidentally sent AVAX tokens to Rainbow, you can follow the steps below to retrieve your assets:

Step 1: You'll have to import your wallet into another app that accepts custom networks. The easiest way to do this is by downloading MetaMask. You can check out our guide here for additional info: https://learn.rainbow.me/rainbow-metamask

Step 2: Once Metamask is installed and your Rainbow wallet is imported, you can visit chainlist.org and search for Avalanche C-Chain and press 'connect wallet', then press 'add to metamask' and 'approve' the network in Metamask, to add the network to the Metamask wallet.

  • You may still need AVAX tokens to send your token on to another wallet as well. You may also need to manually add the token to the assets list within Metamask before you can see it.

As always, be very careful with your secret phrase. It gives control/access over your wallet to whoever has it, and it should not be shared with anyone -- even customer support. There are many people pretending to be customer support representatives who attempt to steal your secret phrase.


ETC (Ethereum Classic) is a separate blockchain from the Ethereum blockchain. Rainbow, again, only supports the Ethereum blockchain (which has ETH and many other ERC-20 tokens).

If you find yourself having accidently sent ETC to your Rainbow wallet, your funds are there but you will not be able to view them through Rainbow. If you would like to see your ETC, you will need to use a different wallet which supports Ethereum Classic. You can read more info here on how to get access to your ETC using Metamask: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058809292-How-to-view-ETC-Ethereum-Classsic-token-

If you do not want to use Metamask for instance, you can use MEW (MyEtherWallet) wallet. Their official site is: https://www.myetherwallet.com/

Whenever you add your seed phrase to another wallet, please be very careful and make sure that the wallet you are using is from official sources! If you send your seed phrase to someone who is not trusted, they can get full control of your wallet. It’s also important to avoid clicking on Google ad links and double check the website you are on to make sure there are no strange characters in the URL.

Learn more about supported networks in Rainbow here: