Troubleshoot Wyre Failed Payments

Purchases can fail for a few different reasons. We’ll explore what those reasons could be and how to troubleshoot!

To begin, we use a company called “Wyre” for our fiat on ramp. They are incredibly strict with payment info, and as a result a lot of payments can fail even though all the information may look correct on your end.

General errors:

  1. We currently only support Visa and Mastercard debit cards. Credit cards, Apple Cash, Discover, and American Express will not work.
  2. Unfortunately, some countries and states (like NY and TX) are not supported by our payment processor. You can see a full list of accepted locations here.
  3. A lot of banks reject transactions because they do not allow crypto purchases, we recommend checking with your bank to make sure they allow this!
  4. For iOS users, our payment processor with Apple Pay is very strict about having your contact info (first and last name, billing address, email, phone number) exactly match the billing details associated with your card. We suggest going into your Apple Pay sheet and triple checking that your contact information is 100% correct!

What to do when my payment fails

If you’ve gone through the general errors and your purchase continues to fail, feel free to reach out to support at support@rainbow.me with the error code you’ve received.

These codes begin with a WO followed by a random generated set of letters + numbers.