Rainbow is for Finiliars

Rainbow is for Finiliars

Rainbow is for everyone—including digital animals, too! It’s easy and fun to use Rainbow to be a part of the Finiliar community.

What are Finiliars?

Finiliar is a digital friend designed to interact with the ever-changing world of crypto.


Finiliar have the unique ability to use oracles to monitor the performance of various digital assets, such as BSC, ETH, UNI, and MATIC. By connecting to these oracles, Finiliar reflect the fluctuations in value of your cryptocurrency holdings through their moods.

When ‘price go up’ 🚀, your finiliar will display joy and excitement, whereas during downturns, they may appear sad or even unwell 😢.

For those looking to join the finiliar community, the first generation of these interactive companions can be found on the Finiliar marketplace.

Meet Bow.

Bow is the Rainbow Finiliar—an open edition available starting on April,20, 2023, 4:20 UTC, for three days only.

Bow helps you stay up to date on the price of gas (rain or shine!), so you can always know the best times to transact on mainnet.


When you mint a Rainbow Finiliar, a special edition custom Rainbow app icon of Bow is unlocked for your use. 💗

Download and open Rainbow to see your Rainbow Fini and update your icon!

Will Bow find her way home?

Separated from her clan while passing through a rainbow, Bow is on a journey to find her way home.

To read the rest of her story, you’ll need to head to the Finiliar app...

The Rainbow Fini unlocks access to the Finiliar app

By minting the Rainbow Finiliar, you get access to the Finilar iOS app!


You can unlock access to the app with your Rainbow Finiliar at app.finiliar.com.

Bow is yours to make your own

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see a special card upon opening—tap it and Bow is yours to personalize.

She’ll be added to your Finiliar app, where you can:

  • Customize what asset she reacts to—a wide range of crypto and equities are available.
  • Learn more about what makes her Bow—who is she?
  • Set up Bow as a widget on your home screen so she can keep you up to date on the go.

Rainbow is for Finiliars 🌈

We can't wait for you to meet Bow, the Rainbow Fini and to share our sweet digital friend with you. Don’t forget to download the Rainbow and Finiliar apps after you mint to unlock exclusives. 💗