OP Rewards with Rainbow

OP Rewards with Rainbow


OP Rewards with Rainbow is back for another round!

To support and encourage the use of Optimism with our userbase—that’s you!—Rainbow has been granted 420,069 OP tokens by Optimism governance to give away to Rainbow users as a reward for using Optimism.

The rewards will be distributed in rounds. For the first round, we distributed 136,000 OP to our users over three weeks. The second round runs from Friday, October 20th 2023 until rewards run out.

For the second round, we’ll be

  • awarding the remainder of our OP, 305,160 tokens, until rewards run out
  • with the rewards airdropped directly into your wallet at the end of each month

Read on to learn how to claim your rewards for bridging and trading on Optimism with Rainbow!

How do I earn OP Rewards with Rainbow?

You can earn OP Rewards with Rainbow by bridging to Optimism or swapping tokens on Optimism in the Rainbow Extension or the Rainbow app on your phone. OP Rewards makes bridging to and swapping on Optimism with Rainbow fee-free!

1. Bridging tokens to Optimism in Rainbow

All bridges to Optimism from Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and Base networks of eligible tokens will earn a reward of 0.25% back in OP.

🫠 Bad at math? That means bridging $5000 USDC earns you $12.50 worth of $OP tokens!

2. Swapping tokens on Optimism

All swaps on Optimism in Rainbow of eligible tokens will earn a reward of 0.85% back in OP.

🫠 Bad at math? That means swapping $5000 USDC earns you $42.50 worth of $OP tokens!

Don’t know what Optimism is or how to swap and bridge on Rainbow? We got you — learn how here.

How can I see my total rewards? When do I get my rewards?


You can see your eligible rewards at any time by checking the rewards card in your Rainbow app on the Discover screen.

Rewards will be airdropped monthly within two days of the period ending.

You don’t have to do anything special for your rewards to show up—just wait for them to appear in your wallet!

What can I do on Optimism?

Optimism is great because you can do anything you’d do on Mainnet but for a fraction of the cost.

You can learn more about what you can do on Optimism with Rainbow below: