Mint NFTs in Rainbow

Rainbow is excited to introduce the ability to mint NFTs right from inside your wallet, making it easier than ever for you to explore new artists and mint your very own collectibles.


Find your next favorite artist

Mint.Fun Integration: Rainbow has seamlessly integrated into its mobile wallet, creating a one-stop destination to explore new and trending mints. With inside Rainbow, you can discover a wide range of unique collectibles, from rare artworks to exclusive digital assets. If you find a link while browsing around the web you like, you can drop that link right in the Rainbow search bar to mint it.

Fresh Mints Daily: With mints refreshed multiple times a day, you can revisit the platform at any time and uncover new treasures waiting to be minted. Who knows, your next find might be an exclusive Rainbow NFT? 👀

Everything you need to mint, all in one app


Rainbow understands the importance of making things fast, easy to use, and streamlined. That's why we're working to be an all-in-one solution. No need to hop between apps or websites—everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Buy and Bridge Crypto: Need crypto before you go collectibles shopping? Rainbow allows you to purchase and bridge crypto effortlessly. Whether you're acquiring assets or moving them across networks, Rainbow's got you covered.

Discover, Mint, and More: Discovering new NFTs has never been this straightforward. Explore, find cool new NFTs, and mint them with just a tap. Rainbow simplifies the entire minting process, making it easy and accessible.

Network Support: Rainbow’s in-app mints support all networks compatible with, including Mainnet, Zora, Base, and OP.

Have fun exploring and minting! 🌈

Rainbow empowers you to buy crypto, explore and mint without ever leaving the app. It’s fun, easy, safe and accessible to mint NFTs in Rainbow!