Introducing Poolsuite

Rainbow has teamed up with Poolsuite to present the Rainbow Poolboy, a way to soak in the sun and stream tunes all summer long directly from your Rainbow wallet.

Read on to learn about Poolsuite and all of their offerings, where the fun never stops, and the sun never sets.

What is Poolsuite?

Poolsuite is your ultimate destination for leisure on the internet. At Poolsuite, the sun never sets, and it's summer all year round!

Whether you're looking for relaxation, entertainment, or a touch of elegance, in the digital or the physical world — they has it all. Poolsuite stands devoted to bringing “the good life” to you via any means and medium necessary.



Poolsuite is the original online radio station that started it all — a constant stream of summer jams played from a chic, retro website. You can also take Poolsuite on the go with you, using their Apple Design award-winning app.

The site’s humble origins as a Tumblr blog almost ten years ago got new life in 2019, when its current iteration was launched and brought vacations home to everyone stuck inside during the lockdowns of COVID-19.



Not content to be digital-only, Poolsuite turned their attention to real-world products.

Launched in April 2021, Vacation is the best smelling sunscreen in the world (combining classic beachy coconut smells with the familar tang of a pool and the sweetness of orange!) and transforms the chore of putting on sunscreen into a leisurely, luxury experience.

The Classic Whip sunscreen is particularly unique and interesting—packaged and dispensed identically to whipped cream.

Poolsuite NFTs

The Poolsuite Membership


In xx date Poolsuite launched their membership NFTs, with three tiers of membership: Pool, Executive, and a one-of-one Patron of the Pool membership.

“From ambitious art projects and state-of-the-art financial instruments, to fractionally owning an antique manor house, possibly on the Portofino coast, where people who smell of Vacation® brand sunscreen might serve you chilled Lambrusco wine while you take in the salted breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Your patronage will allow us to go where less adventurous organisations have as-yet failed to go.”

They were the first NFT to integrate with Apple Wallet, making headlines for allowing you to use your membership card in the real world. You can activate your membership using Poolsuite’s Wallet Service.

Grand Leisure


Grand Leisure is Poolsuite’s second NFT release, a fully customizable avatar that allows each participant to design their own individual representation of leisure. Almost every detail can be chosen by the minter, allowing you to express yourself around the web however you choose.

Grand Leisure holders have enjoyed perks from fashion brands like Ralph Lauren. Holders were airdropped exclusive tickets to attend an exclusive event in Miami, and can update their Leisurist’s style in one-of-a-kind clothes from the brand

The Rainbow Poolboy


The Rainbow Poolboy is Rainbow’s collaboration with Poolsuite, and it’s Rainbow’s most ambitious Rainbow Drop yet, featuring:

  • a custom icon
  • exclusive bootloader sound in Rainbow Wallet
  • an all new mix made specially for leisure from Bruno Bar.

New mixes will be loaded on to the tapes regularly, so keep your eyes open for updates.


You can mint the Rainbow Poolboy here for .007 ETH through August 5th, 2023, after which they will be available on secondary marketplaces. As a Poolsuite member or a Grand Leisure holder, you can mint the Rainbow Poolboy for no additional cost outside of fees.