Insufficient Matic


When attempting to conduct transactions on the Polygon network, in Rainbow, you may come across an error pop-up that says: “Insufficient Matic”.

Below, you’ll find some key details on how you can resolve this 👇


If you’re receiving this error it means that you might not have enough Matic (also known as polygon) tokens on the Polygon network. It can get a bit confusing because Matic tokens are on Polygon, Ethereum, and other networks too. But you need those matic/polygon tokens on the Polygon network to pay for gas there.


What you can do to resolve it, is head to the official Polygon wallet site. From here, you can trade a bit of another polygon network token to get some gas money. The positive thing is you’ll only need a few cents to send ten polygon transactions! You may just have to add your polygon token to the swap list after you connect your wallet to this site:

Still running into issues? Connect with us at [email protected] with your public wallet address and we’ll be happy to help!