How to use Rainbow with Stealcam

How to use Rainbow with Stealcam

Stealcam is a fun new game anyone can play to share memories and earn money! We’ll teach you what Stealcam is and how to use Rainbow to play.

What is Stealcam?

  • Stealcam is a photo sharing and stealing game on the Arbitrum network.
  • After connecting your wallet, you can snap a photo or post a picture from your camera roll, and mint it as an NFT for free.
  • Your memory is posted as a pixelated image—only the current owner of the NFT can reveal it.
  • Other Stealcam users can steal your photo from you to reveal it, but the price goes up every single time it’s stolen — and you earn money from each steal along the way.
The money earned from stealing memories is divided between the creator of the NFT, the person it was stolen from, and the Stealcam protocol. Each time a Memory is stolen its price increases by 0.001 ETH plus 10% of the previous price. The previous owner receives back the ETH price they stole it for. The surplus, or price difference between the stolen price and previous price, is then split 45% for the previous owner, 45% for the creator, and 10% for the protocol. Stealcam FAQ

Freelance artist and Stealcam early adopter Chris Martz plays Stealcam because it’s low pressure with a fun and playful culture. “It's fun to post smaller NFTs or images for free quickly,” says Martz. “ I like the new royalty model it hints at, where you  "steal for free, mint to earn". Plus, the culture is interesting, hyperactive and not very judgmental or precious.”

Martz’s advice for first-timers as a top earner is to play with the expectation of having fun, not making a ton of money.

“My advice for starting out would be to post a ton of lightweight and low effort stuff with some creativity mixed in and make as many friends or find other small squads that use it. It’s very slow to make money on - I lucked out and used it early, so I was able to make money when there were only a few people to steal and be stolen from.”

How do I use Rainbow with Stealcam?

You can use Rainbow to connect your wallet and play on Stealcam. Rainbow works perfectly with Stealcam thanks to their use of RainbowKit, the best way to connect a wallet to a dapp.

Use Rainbow to get ETH on the Arbitrum network

If you want to steal photos, but haven’t earned enough through Stealcam to do so for free, you’ll need to pay with Arbitrum ETH.


You can use Swaps on Rainbow to swap and bridge your crypto to Arbitrum and quickly and easily get Arbitrum ETH. You don’t need a ton of money to get started. $10 or $20 equivalent in USD should be plenty to get you started stealing.

Have fun stealing and sharing!

You’re now ready to play Stealcam with Rainbow! Remember to follow Rainbow on Stealcam — we might just post some secrets there that you can see before anyone else. 🤭