How to use Rainbow with

How to use Rainbow with

image is an exciting new social media platform where users have a financial stake in the creators they support.

In this article, we’ll teach you what is, and how you can use Rainbow with your account to make buying, selling, and supporting your friends a breeze.

What is is a social app that allows you to buy “keys” in other users of the app. Once you hold another user’s keys, you are able to access a private chat only accessible to that user and your fellow key-holders. If you want to leave the group chat, you’re able to sell your keys.

The price of a user’s keys is determined by a bonding curve. When you buy a user’s keys when they are new and there’s not much interest, you’ll pay a far lower price than when demand for keys is high. Early keyholders are rewarded, and late keyholders are charged a premium.

To get started on, you’ll need…

  • …an invite code. Currently, the app is invite-only — you’ll have to snag an invite code from a current user to join in the fun.
  • least 0.01 ETH on the Base network deposited in your account.

When you use, you’re issued an all-new crypto wallet to use with your account. However, as you’ll see, once you have a account, you can use your existing wallet app, like Rainbow, to manage your funds, withdraw your money to other wallets,

How do I use Rainbow with issues each user a fully self-custodial wallet that you can use with wallet apps like Rainbow.

You can export your wallet into Rainbow to…

  • rescue ETH you may have sent into on the wrong chain
  • easily fund your wallet with Base ETH
  • send your profits to your other wallets
  • bridge your profits to other chains

How to export your wallet into Rainbow

  1. Open the app on your phone
  2. Go to the user settings from your profile by clicking the pill with your ETH balance on it in the top right corner.
  3. Click the Export Wallet button to get your private keys.
  4. Import the private keys into Rainbow and import it as you would any other ETH wallet