Switch from MetaMask

At Rainbow, we don’t control your assets—you do, and this is true of any self-custodial Ethereum wallet.

You’re free to take your seed phrase and try out as many different types of wallets as you’d like, bringing along with you all of your crypto, NFTs, transaction history and data. The Ethereum ecosystem plays nicely together—or to put it more eloquently, it is interoperable. Just because you started with one wallet doesn’t mean you have to use it forever.

It takes less than a minute to import your MetaMask into Rainbow and start enjoying a better wallet experience with Rainbow.

Here’s how:

Make sure you have Rainbow downloaded and ready to go!


You can download Rainbow for both iOS and Android phones.

Get your seed phrase from MetaMask

We’ll teach you how to find your seed phrase on both MetaMask mobile and on the browser extension.

How to find your seed phrase on MetaMask mobile

You’ll find your seed phrase in mobile MetaMask under Settings ▶️ Security and Privacy.

Click the button that says “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”, enter your password, and copy your seed phrase to the clipboard.


How to find your private key on the MetaMask browser extension

You’ll find your private key on the MetaMask browser extension by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and selecting Account Details. This will open a screen that will allow you to export your private key.

Write your private key down on a piece of paper so you can easily enter it into Rainbow and destroy it after you’ve imported your wallet.


Add your MetaMask seed phrase to Rainbow!

Open Rainbow, and choose “I already have a wallet”, and you’ll be prompted to enter your seed phrase. If you already have Rainbow to manage different wallet addresses outside of the one you’re looking to import, you can learn how to add your MetaMask wallet here.

Paste or type your seed phrase into Rainbow from MetaMask, and you’re good to go!

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